Welcome to Spinal Dynamics International

Spinal Dynamics International Ltd are proud to introduce the Dynaspine seating solutions range. The Dynaspine Back Support and Dynaspine Chairs are affordable, dynamic supported seating options, innovatively designed for back pain prevention, management and back pain relief. Dynaspine is now available with FREE DELIVERY!

The unique, flexible spinal control plates conform to the contours of the spine to provide optimal support, whilst encouraging movement; essential for a healthly spine!  Dynaspine has helped thousands of lower back pain sufferers throughout the world, in a range of situations.  Take a look at who uses Dynaspine.


Car Drivers

50% of car drivers suffer lower back problems due to car seats that fail to support the spine.


Computer Users

More than 10m working days are lost each year because of lower back pain.


Pregnant Women

Back pain in pregnant women is a frequent problem affecting almost 70%


The Elderly

As we grow old our ability to recover from back injuries decreases.