Steps for preventing neck and shoulder pain when driving

Neck and shoulder pain when drivingIt is common to experience neck pain when driving. Individuals who drive for an extended period of time are more susceptible to neck and shoulder pain, particularly if they do not practice good posture. There are several ways to avoid neck and shoulder pain while driving; even for those individuals who are required to drive for long periods of time.

Neck pain is caused by the stress placed upon the muscles and nerves that are used to support the neck. When driving a vehicle, drivers are limited to a fixed seating position that makes it difficult to practice good posture at all times. In addition to this, neck and shoulder pain may result from the tension that is placed upon them when under an intense amount of stress. This is common while driving because many drivers try to remain focused at all times, which may unintentionally place a great deal of stress on these muscles.

Maintaining correct posture is an essential part of neck pain prevention. Drivers should avoid slouching to maintain good oxygen flow within the body and prevent stress in the back which can lead to intense shoulder pain. Back pain is often the result of poor posture and can have a negative effect on the shoulders. Eyestrain is also a common cause of poor posture. Many people with poor vision will lean forward which causes the neck and shoulder muscles to strain. People who wear corrective lenses should wear them at all times while driving. In addition, the windshield should be free of dirt so the driver can see clearly.

Making sure the car’s equipment is properly adjusted is important too. For example, properly adjusted mirrors can help limit the amount of stress placed on the neck due to straining the neck to see. Make sure the seat is in an upright position, not leaning too far back, and the steering wheel is in a comfortable position for the arms. Also be sure that the headrest is adjusted so that it rests right behind the middle part of the head. These simple adjustments can assist significantly with shoulder pain prevention.

Additional support

Dynaspine Car Back SupportThere are a number of back supports available that can help prevent and relieve neck and shoulder pain when driving. One such back support is Dynaspine. The Dynaspine Car Back Support easily fits onto your car seat and is lightweight so you can use it in your car, then place it on your office chair for continuous support throughout the day! Dynaspine was designed specifically to prevent lower back pain and for back pain relief.

One of the most important things to consider when driving is to stay relaxed and calm. Neck and shoulder pain when driving can become even more severe when they are constantly tightening up due to stress placed on the body. Stretching is an important exercise to keep these muscles relaxed. When driving long periods of time, pull over at least once an hour to walk and stretch out the back and neck muscles. It is also a good idea to breathe deeply as this will help loosen and relax the muscles.

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